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Installation - General considerations


To install Fiori Tracker please follow the installations guides that are in the Installation section of each component page.

We designed each Fiori Tracker Suite product to work independently. Once you install the product and any dependent products are needed, it will guide the user to install those.

The list below contains links for installation steps for each of available components.

Component Description Payment Get
Core Applications and Catalogs "To-be" records and their association free
Roles Roles "To-be" records and their association to apps through catalogs free
Catalog and App reports Catalog and Apps "As-is" records and their association free
Change Requests Change request records linked to catalogs and apps free
Sign-offs The Sign-offs app lets you create, change and list sign-offs records linked to all content types (apps, catalogs and roles) free
Test users The Test users app lets you create, change, and list test user records. free
Comments The Comments component keeps the free text notes records for SAP Fiori launchpad key deliverables: apps, catalogs, and roles. free
History The History component keeps the history records for SAP Fiori launchpad key deliverables: apps, catalogs, and roles. free
As-is API Enables Managed systems data synchronization free
Catalog Import Lets you import catalogs from your system into the "To-be" catalogs list paid
Application Import Lets you import applications from your system into the "To-be" application list paid
Mapping Import Lets you import mappings of the applications to catalogs paid
Fiori Apps Usage Report Fiori Apps Usage Report is a component that enables collecting usage records. paid
Gover Gover is a solution that enables security checks for your SAP system landscape. paid

Deployment options

We have designed Fiori Tracker components to enable flexible installation options. Depending on your SAP landscape setup and your organization constraints, you can deploy Fiori Tracker in the way that suits your project the best. See details.

Minimal requirements

The minimal requirement is any SAP system with GAP Gateway (software component SAP_GWFND) on SAP NetWeaver version at least 7.52 (see details)

Components compatibility


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